Sorry we went dark for a few months, but we’re back to give you an update!

Since the launch of Pasture One, we’ve had our hands full just keeping up with demand!  100% USA-raised, grass-fed and finished beef Pasture One is now as close as your neighborhood grocery store, taqueria, or fine dining restaurant.

A Photo Story

Our team has been working hard to get you the most sustainable raised, safely handled, and delicious tasting beef (from left to right):

  • Who needs a conference room?  We held our annual company offsite at the founders’ ranch in Petaluma, California, clearing some hay bales to make room for tables and a projector in the barn.  The agenda was packed, with 2015 goal setting, a lecture on soil restoration and carbon capture through sustainable grazing practices from Nate Chisholm of the Sonoma Mountain Institute, and of course, a lot of beef.  We left the ranch feeling energized about bringing you the best tasting, quality grass-fed beef
  • Producers Club: Our ranchers, each experts in their field, gathered in Colorado this past May for an annual meeting of the Pasture One Producers’ Club, an alliance of our expert ranchers to share best practices and ensure consistent quality for all of our beef.  Each box of Pasture One grass-finished beef is labeled with the “Ranch of Origin”
  • Beard Net Mandatory: Our sales managers Ian and Reid tour our state-of-the-art fabrication plant Rocky Mountain Natural Meats in Denver.

The family’s on board – what about you? (from left to right): 

  • Mountain sales manager Ian’s 20-month old son Andrew sporting the latest Pasture One swag.
  • Alexis’s 2-year old son Nolan repping Pasture One ground beef burger
  • West Coast sales manager Reid and controller Rachelle’s husband El at the New Seasons charity tournament
  • CEO Bill Reed’s three-year old son Townsend with his first purchase of Pasture One ground beef at Gelson’s Market in Southern California.

We’ve got a lot of exciting new customers and products on the horizon, so stay tuned!  

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