Grass-Fed Beef 101 at Lucky’s Market

Grass-Fed Beef 101 at Lucky’s Market

On a recent visit to the Lucky’s Market butcher in Boulder, Colorado, one of our Sales Managers was able to get a few insights from Mike, the Meat Manager at Lucky’s (aka “Big Mike” to the regulars). Big Mike has been with Lucky’s for 8 years but tells us that he has been “cutting meat for 10 years.”

It’s refreshing to know that Pasture One is literally in the hands of knowledgeable and dedicated food handlers in the industry, especially with curious customers constantly seeking out more information about where their food comes from. Big Mike tells us that since customers have become so used to having grass-fed beef readily available at Lucky’s they ask less questions now compared to when it first became available. Many customers want to know about how the cattle is raised, and knowing that Pasture One is 100% grass-fed and finished is important to them.

Some insight on how to prepare the perfect cut of meat and how to cook it is a trade secret you can only get from a good butcher. Often, simplicity is the main ingredient, and Big Mike certainly vouches for it. “Ribeye is my favorite cut of beef. I love to grill it with lots of seasoning and salt.”

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