Fresh Cuts


If you're seeking great value, Chucks are the perfect cut. On the tougher side, these cuts are great for cooking styles that bring out the tenderness like stews and pot roasts. If you like flavorful burgers consider swapping your beef patty with a chuck cut.

Item code 68102, NAMP N/A, case weight 50.

Item code 68122, NAMP 116A, case weight 35.

Item code 68131, NAMP 114, case weight 50.

Item code 68134, NAMP 114E, case weight 25.

Item code 68138, NAMP 114F, case weight 20.

Item code 68143, NAMP 114D PSO1, case weight 35.

Item code 68165, NAMP 130, case weight 25.

Item code 68168, NAMP 130A, case weight 15.

Item code 68172, NAMP 115D, case weight 40.


If you're all about the classics, this is your cut. The traditional ribeye steak come from this section and tastes so good that it doesn't need much preparation - simply add your favorite dry rub on a medium heat grill.

Item code 68213, NAMP 109E, case weight 30.

Item code 68238, NAMP 112A, case weight 25.

Item code 68259, NAMP 123D, case weight 25.

Item code 68260, NAMP 124, case weight 25.

Item code 68262, NAMP 123A, case weight 25.

Item code 68535, NAMP N/A, case weight 40.


The tenderest part of the entire animal. Just because our grass-fed beef has less fat, does not make it any less tender. Less is more here - salt and seasoning, and throw it on a grill. Or get fancy with a roast and cut medallions of tenderloin.

Item code 68352, NAMP 180, case weight 20.

Item code 68364, NAMP 184, case weight 25.

Item code 68379, NAMP 189A, case weight 20.

Item code 68391, NAMP 185A, case weight 20.

Item code 68394, NAMP N/A, case weight 20.


If you're a patient cook, you'll love the Round Line cuts. One of the toughest and leanest of all the cuts, this is where you can get some of your best flavor. Perfect for slow roasts, stews and even lean meat jerky!

Item code 68447, NAMP 169, case weight 40.

Item code 68448, NAMP 169F, case weight 50.

Item code 68457, NAMP 170, case weight 50.

Item code 68454, NAMP 171B, case weight 25.

Item code 68455, NAMP 171C, case weight 20.

Item code 68461, NAMP 167A, case weight 40.


True to their name, these cuts are thin and lean. Infuse some flavor and tenderness by marinating, grilling, and then cutting against the grain. Great for easy fajitas, tacos, stir-fry and even briskets!

Item code 68512, NAMP 120A, case weight 50.

Item code 68514, NAMP 120, case weight 30.

Item code 68521, NAMP 121C, case weight 20.

Item code 68530, NAMP 121D, case weight 20.

Item code 68551, NAMP 140, case weight 20.

Item code 68572, NAMP 193, case weight 10.


Item code 68469, NAMP N/A, case weight N/A.

Item code 68477, NAMP N/A, case weight N/A.

Item code 68559, NAMP N/A, case weight N/A, boxed PO.

Item code 68564, NAMP N/A, case weight N/A, boxed PO.