BBQ Ready

Pre-Packaged & Pure

Our 100% grass-fed beef products have no added hormones, antibiotics, artificial nitrites or preservatives. No surprises, just a good ol’ BBQ time!

The Pasture One Original Beef Hot Dog brings out the authentic flavors of grass-fed beef. Mildly seasoned and flavorful, our Beef Hot Dogs are a true testament to why grass-fed beef is naturally tasty.

Cheese and Beef have always been great friends, which is why the Pasture One Beef Hog Dogs with Cheddar are an epic team. Sharp cheddar cheese enhances the natural beefy flavor of these dogs.

If your palate demands a little more ‘bite,’ the Pasture One Sausage with Cracked Black Pepper is the one for you. Taste the whole cracked peppercorns sprinkled in with the natural flavors of grass-fed beef.

Enjoy the smoky flavors of traditional Louisiana creole cuisine with our Pasture One Cajun-Style Andouille sausages.

85% lean and 15% fat ground beef brick. Enjoy the 100% grass-fed and finished flavor in your next BBQ burger, stir fry, or tacos!

Enjoy breakfast links that are the most delicious balance of sweet and meat!

These juicy links have a subtle sage flavor, making them the perfect compliment to any type of breakfast!