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Because all “grass-fed” is not created equal.

All grass. All the time.

Our cattle are never fed grass on a feedlot. They’re never fed grass pellets on a feedlot. They aren’t confined. They aren’t worked hard in the dairy industry. Our animals graze on open pastures their entire lives. We don’t have to do all that to get the “grass-fed” label but we believe it is the right thing to do.

Best for the cattle, the environment, and us, too.

We work closely with U.S.-only ranchers who share our passion for holistic, regenerative agriculture. That means we promote farming practices that are sustainable; helping to reduce carbon in the air, protect and improve our soil and water cycle, and add more nutrients back to our food sources.

We’re committed to a healthier way.

The better it’s raised, the better it tastes.

Because it’s raised right, our grass-fed and grass-finished beef is tender and juicy. With no hormones or antibiotics, the taste is wholesome and savory.Best of all, you know our beef was raised on unwavering principles—from animal welfare to environmental stewardship—and that’s something we can all savor. You will not find better tasting beef.

Try our family of 100% grass-fed and grass-finished products.

Free-range pasture raised | No added hormones or antibiotics No artificial nitrites or preservatives | 100% USA ranch-raised cattle

Boxed Beef:

  • Retail, wholesale, & food service
  • 30-45 day shelf life
  • Vacuum sealed
  • Cost efficient pack sizes
  • Bulk ground beef
  • Combo trim

Boxed Beef:

  • Branded and private label
  • 86/14 ground beef
  • 91/9 ground beef
  • Ribeye, NY strip, tenderloin
  • Sirloin
  • Thin meats
  • Roasts and stew meats